Business Transformation by APML

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PML Organisational Transformation Process TxP™

  • Systems (IS) agnostic
  • Structured Governance & Project Controls
  • PML TxP deliverables suite
  • Benefits definition and realisation controlled by the Client
  • Zero business interruption methodology
  • Complete Business Intelligence providing a Platform to drive future Continuous Improvement
  • Clear Client oversight through RAG dashboard
  • Benefits Realisation Dashboard allowing clear understanding of return on Investment

TxP™ Transformation methodology

Txp Assess

Service Key™

APML use our systematic approach to translate the delivery requirement into the Service key

Delivery Model Assessment

Assessment of service processes using Delivery Model techniques to understand process hand-offs and responsibilities and identify benefits opportunity

Txp Design

Matrix of Responsibilities

APML derive and populate the matrix defining clearly roles, responsibilities and Role Profiles

Level Zero Operating Model

To create an Operating Model capable of exerting control over performance and cost of delivery, and designing-out all unnecessary resource

Systemised Operating Model & Organisational Structure

Developing the Level Zero OM using process engineering techniques including 6 sigma and volumetrics to forensically create an Organisation

Txp Deliver

Transformation Process TxP™

Mapping the existing Organisation to the transformed Organisation using our APML transformation process (TxP) to programme and manage component projects and ensure benefits realisation.

Transformation Parallax
Transformation Parallax

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